Getting your digital presence organized!

Super Heron Support helps small businesses get their online digital presence organized. Websites, Digital Ads, Online Marketing, SEO, Blog Posts, Social Media, Monthly Newsletters, Mobile Apps, Email Automation,
Oh My! So much to get organized!

Taking your digital presence higher!

Let Super Heron Support PLAN, BUILD and FLAUNT your online presence.

We all talk about planning but we don’t do it. Probably because we don't have a good framework to work with. Taking the time to consult and plan for growth will give you the steps you need to launch.
Anyone can setup a basic website or social presence nowadays... but can you make it look good on mobile devices? Can you troubleshoot issues that arise when code is not working correctly? This is your reputation.
The key to a succesful online presence is working with what you got. What are the numbers you're working with? What kind of content can you show off? Mixing honest metrics with authentic style will take you places.

What the next steps for you online presence?

... not sure? have a look at our services below:

How are you going to set yourself apart?

In this mobile age, marketing our ideas and services online is a must.
Anyone can setup a basic online presence, but that is not good enough anymore. You need to have clear focus and purposeful content to cut through all the noise on the internet. How will you standout and not just add to all the junk out there?

Who is SHS?

Super Heron Support (SHS) helps small businesses get their online digital presence organized. The web-based company was started by web developer Daniel Heron in 2012. One of his first clients called him “Super Heron” for the superhero level of support he provided. Hence, the company was born.

WHY hire SHS?

Have you ever tried to keep your house clean? Most of us realize that it takes constant maintenance. Your online space is just like that. Things get old, they go out of style, they get dirty! Digital platforms require updates and maintenance to keep them looking and working properly.

HOW can SHS help?

SHS helps you get your digital presence organized. Your digital websites, advertisments and marketing content will be so clear and easy to understand that your customers will do exactly what you want to them to do. We will free up your time so you can focus on your real work of service. So leave it to SHS to make sure your presence online is great.

We are your personal support to let you expand your wings and fly!


What does your past work look like?

Mostly websites managed with wordpress and hand written landing pages. Interested in something specific please contact us.

Recent Work

Here are some examples from recent projects

Mobile Responsive Website

SEO for Google

Wordpress Website

Basic Website

Questions? Want to chat with Super Heron?

It is important for us to take the time needed to clearly understand your desires for your online presence.

I work remotely via the computer. I am happy to meet for coffee.
Depends on the project generally I have a flat hourly rate for consultation and techincal work.

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