About Super Heron

Who is SHS?

Super Heron Support (SHS) helps small businesses get their online digital presence organized. The web-based company was started by web developer Daniel Heron in 2012. One of his first clients called him “Super Heron” for the superhero level of support he provided. Hence, the company was born.

WHY hire SHS?

Have you ever tried to keep your house clean? Most of us realize that it takes constant maintenance. Your online space is just like that. Things get old, they go out of style, they get dirty! Digital platforms require updates and maintenance to keep them looking and working properly.

HOW can SHS help?

SHS helps you get your digital presence organized. Your digital websites, advertisments and marketing content will be so clear and easy to understand that your customers will do exactly what you want to them to do. We will free up your time so you can focus on your real work of service. So leave it to SHS to make sure your presence online is great.

We are your personal support to let you expand your wings and fly!

For a free consultation about your online presence, don't hesitate to reach out and setup a time to talk.


Super Heron Support is web-based company supporting small businesses with their online digital presence. They focus on helping clients set up and manage their websites, digital ads, online communities, mobile apps, and other online platforms.


Super Heron Support
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